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Chongqing M.K.Y. Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

100% solar air conditioner

Air Treatment Appliances
100% solar air conditioner


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Air Treatment Appliances  -  Air Conditioner-Solar

Offer Post Time: 2012-07-02

Serial Code: MKYDC12

Model: 12000btu



Package: carton

Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

100% solar air conditioner
The System is perfect for residential,commerical,telecom,portable rooms or offices,or remote facilities where conventional or generator power is costly or unreliable.As leading technology of 100% solar air conditioner, the main features of our products are as followed:
Solar powered air conditioner requires no AC Power.
All DC-No Inverter 100% DC Operation
Variable Speed BLDC(Brushless DC)
Overnight operation available
Quite operation
Works woth exernal standard solar charge controller
Batteries are configured in series/parallel for 48DC/V Operation
Solar panel and battery requirements will vary based on application and local sunlight conditions
  1. Compared with traditional 100% solar air conditioner, MKY solar air conditioner does not need inverter outside
  2. The compressor of MKY 100% solar is imported from Japan Toshiba.The EER of MKY solar air conditioner is around 3.9( low frequency EER 5.6) which is the leading energy saving performance in world market. In this case, MKY 100% solar air conditioner can use approximately 2 panels fewer solar panels than would be required by solar air conditioner from other factories
  3. The motor of both indoor unit and outdoor unit are all DC brushless type, different from other manufacturers.
  4. The size of 100% solar air conditioner is 9000btu, 12000btu and 18000btu
You are welcome to order a sample to test first, we have strong confidence that you will be satisfied with our products. MKY has more than 10 years experience in air conditioner, 4 year in solar air conditioner industry. We are looking forwards to our further discussion