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Chongqing M.K.Y. Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

split wall mounted solar air conditioner

Air Treatment Appliances
split wall mounted solar air conditioner


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Air Treatment Appliances  -  Air Conditioner-Solar

Offer Post Time: 2009-07-15

Serial Code: MKY-35GW

Model: TKFR-35GW R410




Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

product name: solar air conditioner
1Our solar air conditioner can save 50% electricity
2Our products are marked with CE and ROHS certification
3 equipped with LED display
4 World famous reliable compressor:
5environmental protection and energy saving design
6 remote control and easy operation( Auto mode)
7quiet and deluxe design and good performance 
8 absolute competitive price
9Fast delivery and good after-sales service
10Wall split solar air conditioner Btu Size 32 ton 12000 & 52 ton 18000, 72 Ton 24000&100 Ton 36000 Btu Size 120Ton 41000 & 140 Ton 5000
11Cabinet floor solar air conditioner Btu Size 45 Ton 16000&52 Ton 18000, 72 Ton 24000&120 Ton 41000,. 52 Ton 18000&72 ton 24000, 120 Ton41000&amp
12Cassette Solar Air conditioner; Btu Size 120Ton 41000& 140 Ton 48000